Summer Like never before.

Honestly, I should not complain over my own situation because we have enough of our daily needs and I am aware there are more people out there in the cold, who have no perspective in the future. In fact there are a lot of people who lost their jobs and businesses all over the world. But still, I personally find this summer as one I should never forget. The usual one that I have was a lot happier and busier. Normally summer is fun, summer is vacation, summer is visiting friends, going out here and there. Even a simple barbecue with friends and relatives seems to be a an unusual kind of thing to do nowadays. I thank God for all the talent and knowhow that God gave me to overcome any boredom and feeling of uselessness. When one is living thousand miles away from the family and real friends and the closet persons doesn’t even know or care what your thoughts are is dreadful. Keeping me busy every other day with creative things such as cross stitching, sewing, cooking, baking, gardening and internet surfing keeps my mind away from all the burdens and chaotic situations the daily news brings. I’m becoming used to it anyway. Since the future is uncertain the most logical things to do is hope and pray, live day by day and thank God for yet another day.


Hi everyone who accidentally landed here in my new site. I hope everyone is coping well no matter how unconventional situations we have all over the world due to this Corona Pandemie. I am still trying my best to get used to the New normal such as physical distancing, constant hand washing, wearing mask and limiting my usual freedom of movement. To get on with my life and daily routine I have made a lot of adjustment so I could carry on. I decided to start a new blog  to chronicle my own  life situation and my surroundings as well for future references. I hope that I may be able to keep myself more busy and pre-occupied. I cannot help but worry about to much for my loved ones. In the past I blog more about my hobbies and interest to inspire others to use or waste their time on doing crafty things. I’m always too technical and straight forward, lately I was reading my old blogs and I have noticed, even if I write something in a particular time; I couldn’t remember anything about my own status at that time. I miss something about what I was going through and what I felt at that time. I bore myself with my own ramblings from time to time. I think it is time for a new concept and a little bit development.