Breaking down a thousand Files

I been busy renaming and refiling files I have  accumulated since I bought this computer which I am using ( around 8 years ago). The times when my memory does all the filing was already a past tense. Even in my present tense I got to write down everything now or otherwise I’ll be in trouble. Is there anyone like me who doesn’t name new folders when saving documents thinking I will sort it out and rename the files later. By just viewing photos, I have so many DCIM, Camera and other double files. I have a thousand files such as photos, recipes, patterns, receipts even old reservation tickets, etc. A very bad habit which I really really needed to change now or never. When I started to blog (when I blog thru blogger) I was a bit more organised  because I usually uses my photos so It has to be searchable and downloadable. When I left blogger and my interest to blogging wane down. I literally lost interest in good organised files, knowing if it is in the computer, If I uploaded everything, nothing and no one is going to delete it unless my computer crashes down. What’s my point? I’m not getting any younger and my memory is becoming less and less trustworthy. The beauty of having a well organised husband is a blessing in disguise. Over the years I have learned to maintained a well organised cupboards and cabinets so as not to be asked three times where did I put away a certain things. Even the missing pair of a socks has to be put away in a sock bin until the other one pops out. Computer files was a bit: ” I’ll do it later” habit until it becomes a thing in the past. Now I’m having a hard time finding media files. It not too late to work on it. I should  take it as an advantages of blogging and probably would label it as hashtag “when in quarantine”. But I better just take it personally and put it on my list of points to work on. Yeah, its what I needed to do as well as sum up what I have already accomplished instead of making just a bucket list of wishes. Next time 🙂


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