I miss going to the Library

I been enjoying a lot of things since I moved here in Belgium 15 years ago. What makes me most happy and privileged to do is Studying and learning. It seems crazy but it is my guilty pleasure and my weakness at the same time.  Studying  the language during my first 3 years in Belgium was an amazing experience. I got to know a lot of people with other nationalities and culture. Most of all I was able to read a lot of books and journals from our public library. Hence I am a bookworm, It was the best place in town where I hang around most of the time. This corona pandemic which is once again beginning to disrupt our daily life is getting worse again. Just today, a 3 year old child has died and a lot of people were infected. Since it is summer vacation, a lot of people were disappointed due to the uncertainty if they are safe to go or not outside the country. Majority of people chooses either to postpone or booked their vacation just around the countryside. My husband and I have no problem with staying home during summer holiday. In fact we are always home during the summer and we are used to it. We usually go out of the country either during the winter or between Spring and summer. Sadly visiting the library and all other public places has a limitation nowadays and I suppose it is not the best of times to do so anyway.  I hope and pray that a safe and working vaccine be available soon.

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