The sense of Common sense

“Use your Common sense.” Don’t we hear it enough everyday from authorities and experts as well as from the media? Are we listening to it anymore? or are we just so immune hearing it everyday. Forgive me for rambling too early today. Its my day off I was supposed to go to the grocery. I checked out our pantry, I checked the refrigerator we still have enough bread spreads and toppings until Friday. The rest of our needs has to wait until Saturday. Its a new normal to me 🙂 weighing down what is essentials and not. I remember my first years in Belgium. How I love going to the groceries or to any shops. It was winter time when I first came. People are always inside their houses because its cold. You don’t see much people on the streets either. I only see lots of people inside shops, bake shops and grocery store. I love shopping during those times even if I don’t really need anything.  How funny that I ‘m avoiding going to the store nowadays just to avoid people. Am I being an anti social? no I’m not. I still love seeing people. But I reckon, one of the most  sensible way of maintaining physical distancing is limiting a visit to any crowded places. What else do we need to know how we can avoid contracting the virus? I suppose everybody knows what the golden rules are. All we need is to apply the rules at all times. Protect yourself and protect others.

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