Cucumber Time

It was cucumber time for the past few weeks, an old saying here in Belgium meaning there is nothing much going on. Its like we are in a sort of slow motion modus. But there is a hope for a change beginning this weekend. People are getting excited due to the announcement that the culture sector is going to allow cultural events to re-open. It is very important around here because people likes going to the theater. Cultural activities such as opera, concerts, comedy shows, Carnavals are part of their life. Music and dance festivals are the best summer events for the youth as wel as music lovers of all generations. Sports events and competitions is already started. Football is the most popular sports here. Cycling is also very prominent and the usual talked of the town happening. Today begins the most awaited summer sport events in Europe. The Tour De France, with 17 professional Belgian riders on the start. It is a very exciting but also dangerous sport. Not every one reaches the finishing line. Sometime they give up along the way, sometime there is a crash. Sometime the riders got sick along the way. It gonna be different this year, I suppose, with all those Corona prevention rules and regulations. Nevertheless any reason for a positive distraction while we are still coping with this new normal is a blessing in disguise. I’m keeping my finger cross and praying for a miracle vaccin. And of course I’m hoping not to lose my focus.

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